Friday, January 8, 2010

Rental Car-bitrage

OK, you'll have to pardon the pun. That's the result of drinking coffee after 9 pm and too many fond memories of Econ 140 with Professor Zucker. So, here is a question for you. Imagine that you live in the US and never travel overseas. Why should you join Qantas frequent flyer program? The answer lies in whether or not you rent cars frequently. You see, while the US airlines have chiseled you down to 50 miles per rental day (or half a SWA credit per rental), our Aussie friends at Qantas still offer 700 miles per US rental from a number of agencies, including Hertz. So.... that means if you have a lot of one or two day rentals, like yours truly, get thee to the Qantas site and sign up for their program. Although I am not a big fan of their FF program in general (I still have memories of trying to use QF miles to book my honeymoon to SYD and was told the entire month had no availability) they do have one redeeming quality. They offer one way awards so that you can put the miles you earn from car rentals to good use in a relatively short amount of time.

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